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Robie Capps Lifestyle Photographer Orange County, CA

   With creativity at the core, Robie Capps Photography strives to make every lifestyle shoot unique and effective without a cookie cutter       approach. Every client’s needs and input is assessed before the shoot to create the concept and followed through the execution, to     ensure the end results are exactly on the money! Robie's years of photography experience and on set ease is reflected in a keen sense of direction whether it is lighting, composition or talent emotion.

Playing fetch at dog beach during sunset

Location list;

 Orange County, CA                   Huntington Beach, CA                  Laguna Beach, CA           Los Angeles, CA                         Venice, CA Valencia,CA                Newport Beach,CA                 Vallejo, CA                                   San Jose, CA                                 Napa, CA

 Riverside,CA                                Rancho Cucamonga, CA              Las Vegas,NV                   Wisconsin Dells, WI                    Chicago, IL                                     Glen, NH                           New  York, NY                             Bristol, CT                                       Boston, MA   

 Mexico City, Mexico                   Miami, Fl                                         Oahu,HI                 

 Atlanta, GA                                  Houston, TX                                   Montreal, QC

 Venice, Italy

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