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Commercial Lifestyle Photography Is Around Us

We see it all the time. It’s around us every day – Lifestyle Photography - it’s the slices of life that almost goes unnoticed if it weren’t for the camera.

Photographers have been slowing down and capturing that brief moment in time that reflects on some of the most cherished parts of our lives. Unless you’re a commercial photographer where those frozen moments in time have a production team of people behind them creating what seems to be that special Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma serving the perfectly roasted turkey or a well groomed couple getting into a polished car on a glistening wet city street for a date, those moments go by and are a just a memory.

With the utmost intensity and with one goal in mind to create the vision of the photographer or the client, the production team comes together. The location scout has found the perfect location, the casting agent has gone through hours of seeing talent to select the people with just the right look, the wardrobe stylist has shopped for all the apparel in coordinating colors, the prop master has all the props in place to help tell the story, the hair and makeup artist have hidden blemishes, accentuated features and created styles and color to fit in the selected era while the lighting crew pulls cable and positions lighting with modifiers large and small that softens the light that creates a mood. The camera crew has chosen the right camera and the perfect lens for the set as security guards keep the curious onlookers off the set or out of the background. Now, it’s action and with the push of a button all the hard work is captured in one frame that tells a story of a slice of life.

Lifestyle photography is all around us and is one of the most utilized forms of photography. It can be used to sell everything. From used cars, insurance, healthcare and more; when commercial lifestyle photography is produced and captured well, it seems as though it’s a keyhole into someone else’s perfect life leaving us to feel as though if we buy that product, we too can unlock a part of that perfectly manicured life.

Keep in mind when you’re driving down the freeway looking at billboards or shopping online or in a mall and you’re seeing images all around you, just what the behind the scenes must have looked like to tell that story of one moment in time. Photography and videography even with all of the new technologies that exist to make it seem easy still require the skill set of professionals to produce on demand, within budget, with consistency. The image with the golden hue that melts your heart, reminds you of Grandma and convinces you to buy a product was a meticulously calculated photo with a team of experienced professionals making it look like an effortless moment in time.

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